‘Tons of holes’: Supermarkets are experiencing a bottled water shortage due to rising production concerns.


‘Tons of holes’: Supermarkets are experiencing a bottled water shortage due to rising production concerns.

As additional supply shortages hit the United Kingdom, supermarket shelves remain barren. Tesco and Sainsbury’s are currently out of bottled water.

Following reports that food shortages were “inevitable” in the UK this summer, bottled water is now in limited supply across the country. This week, images of bare store shelves were shared on social media.

Due to a variety of circumstances, supermarkets are experiencing a bottled water shortage.

Because of rising demand for the product, as well as continued manufacturing problems and labor difficulties, some store shelves are still bare.

Customers shared photos of empty store shelves and out-of-stock notices on social media this week.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s both had gaps on their shelves, according to Twitter users.

“Sorry, these products are out of stock,” stated a poster in a Tesco store, according to one user.

“We are working diligently to replenish our shelves.”

Another user commented, “Lots of gaps in Sainsbury’s lately as well.” It appears to be a developing problem.”

Tesco stated shortages were caused by a number of circumstances, including manufacturing challenges at the supermarket’s own brand supplier’s factory.

The grocery shop, on the other hand, stated that the problem had been fixed and that availability would improve in the coming days.

Another issue, according to a spokeswoman for the National Source Waters Association, could be an increase in demand for bottled water.

Due to the relaxing of lockdown restrictions, which coincided with high temperatures in some parts of the UK, on-the-go products had experienced a “bounce back,” according to the representative.

However, shortages were not limited to bottled water; other soft beverages, food products, and fresh fruit were also affected.

In recent months, Nestlé Waters has “seen demand for our products surge beyond our expectations at this stage in the season,” according to a company representative.

“We believe this is driven by the loosening of national lockdown restrictions, as well as the fact that we have been enjoying a pleasant British summer,” they explained.

“This surge in demand has had a knock-on impact on the haulage industry, and we are suffering network service constraints, especially for our international brands like S. Pellegrino.”

Meanwhile, Highland Water’s Chief Commercial Officer, Simon Oldham, told The Grocer that the company had seen a “big bounce back” in on-the-go product sales in recent weeks as lockdown restrictions were removed.

The number of bottles sold was “greater than.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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