Tom Kerridge’s weight loss: How a simple diet change saved his life


Tom Kerridge’s weight loss: How a simple diet change saved his life

TOM KERRIDGE is a Michelin-starred chef who lost 12 stone by modifying his eating habits slightly. Fearing that he might die young, he made a life-altering decision that completely changed his life. But what kind of diet did he follow to get there?

According to the chef, he began by making minor changes to his diet and workout program. He chose to design healthier alternatives to his favorite dishes following the popular “dopamine diet” since he didn’t want to quit eating what he enjoyed.

The English chef, who has starred on the Great British Menu and MasterChef, used to weigh over 30 stone, but he lost nearly half of it in a short amount of time.

Tom admits to drinking 15 pints every night, causing him to acquire weight.

The chef realized that this could have a negative impact on his life and potentially raise his risk of dying young, so he decided to stop drinking and incorporate exercise into his daily routine.

A simple modification in his diet, on the other hand, drastically altered his body and helped him shed 12 stone.

The chef made the decision to reduce his carb intake and began a dopamine diet.

The dopamine diet is often referred to as the “happy” diet.

It entails consuming foods that increase your levels of the “happy hormone,” making the diet much simpler to stick to.

The dopamine diet boosts your mood by increasing dopamine levels in the brain while also helping you lose weight.

“If you don’t appreciate what you’re eating, it’s tough to lose weight and keep it off for good,” the chef remarked.

For him, the dopamine plan entails sticking to a diet while still enjoying what you eat.

“The cooking procedures ensure that flavor is not compromised, and you can expect a large plate of food!”

The chef noted that adding high-protein meals to the recipes makes them a hit.

Vegetables, canned beans, eggs, and dairy products, which Tom referred to as his “dopamine heroes,” should all be included.

While eliminating sugar is necessary, the chef highlighted that you may still enjoy indulgences like dark chocolate while reducing weight.

He also suggested that you consume a lot of fish and fruit.

Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in oily fish such as salmon, sea bass, trout, tuna, sardines, and mackerel, according to Brinkwire Summary News.


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