To whiten your teeth, drink a ‘natural cleaner’ after each meal.


Whiten teeth: Drink a ‘natural cleaner’ after each meal to whiten your teeth.

WHITENING teeth is a common procedure, but according to one dentist, drinking something after a meal can help keep teeth white and prevent staining.

Dr. Hanna Kinsella advised readers of this website to drink after eating to keep their teeth white.

The dentist established her own dental practice, Kiln Lane Dental, as well as the Icy Bear Dental toothcare line.

She specializes in both general and cosmetic dentistry, assisting patients in achieving bright, healthy smiles.

“Drinking water is essential for our wellbeing and oral health,” Dr. Hanna said.

“It’s a natural cleaner in many ways, and it can also assist in the removal of bacteria from the teeth.”

“After eating a meal, drink at least a glass of water.”

While drinking water after meals may help keep your teeth white and bright, certain foods and drinks can stain them.


“Coffee, tea, and red wine can cause yellow or brown stains to form quickly,” Hanna explained, “so small things like being aware of avoiding these drinks if possible.”

“Drinking these through a straw may help to keep teeth white and avoid stains,” she suggested.

Teeth staining is caused by more than just some foods and drinks.

Prof. Dr.

“Smoking’s nicotine can stain teeth,” Hanna continued, “so it goes without saying to avoid cigarettes as well for whiter teeth.”

Which foods stain teeth and should be avoided if you want to improve your smile’s whiteness?

There are a few things you can do at home to naturally whiten your teeth, one of which is recommended by Dr.

Hanna previously told this website about it.

Strawberries, in particular, are good for naturally whitening teeth, according to her.

“Strawberries contain malic acid, a natural tooth whitener,” explains Dr.

This website was told by Hanna.

“Of course, don’t eat too many strawberries, don’t rub them on your teeth, and don’t keep them against the enamel for too long, but a healthy serving can help with whitening.”

What other options are there for teeth whitening at home?

Baking soda can aid in the removal of stains from the teeth.

It can also aid in preventing the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

In a study, a commercial toothpaste with baking soda and peroxide was found to whiten teeth by 62 percent in six weeks.

To remove stains from teeth, oil pulling, or swishing bacteria around in your mouth, has been used.

It is thought to aid in the removal of.

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