To help free up power, Glasgow Energy Tech Company


Through Brian Donnelly

In an ambitious project that is supposed to save £ 250 million on grids, Renewable energy software company Smarter Grid Solutions has been named as a partner.

As part of the ground-breaking Search initiative, Glasgow-based SGS, in collaboration with Electricity North West, National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) and Schneider Electric, will drive the use of active grid management to handle flexibility.

The project would free up grid power for more than 2GW of renewable energy assets in the UK, according to the firm. It may also be applied to other utilities in the UK and abroad.

In the Network Innovation competition, Search, which was awarded £ 8 million, will use the Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) software from SGS to build an overarching voltage management system and balance centralized and distributed energy control systems. Clean energy generators and low-carbon technologies are linked and regulated by DERMS technology to the grid, pushing both the grid and the economy towards net-zero emissions. “This is the start of an important relationship where we will work with key partners to deliver this groundbreaking integrated control system that optimizes and coordinates grid and low carbon technology operations.” said Graham Ault, Executive Director at SGS.


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