To assist avoid back problems, posture-correcting clothing was put to the test.


Posture correcting clothes with shirts and braces that prevent slouching, back pain, muscle tension, and long-term problems and are perfect for office jobbers,

But it’s not only in the office that we should all pay attention to having good posture. Special clothing to improve posture whatever we’re doing is currently very popular, so we tested the Posture Shirt and Posture Brace from ActivePosture.

Like most people who work in an office, during lockdown I had to set up an improvised workspace at home. After several months of sitting at the kitchen table, which is not really designed as a workstation in terms of height, I noticed how my posture had deteriorated. The consequences for me were tensions in my neck and shoulders, a twinge in my back.

While I could normally counteract my back problems with sport, I now needed a new solution. This was the perfect time for a test. When I received the Posture Shirt and put it on, I could immediately feel an effect. Although it was a light effect, after a few hours I noticed I was less inclined to slouch because I was paying more attention to my posture.

After two days, I felt a more significant improvement. My constant neck tension had eased a bit – was I just imagining it? Definitely not. After the second week, I consciously sat straighter, even if I only wore the shirt a few hours a day. Later, I started doing sports at home again. I also wore the shirt for this, as it helped me with better posture during exercising.

The idea for the posture-correcting shirt comes from Kinesio-taping (also called medical taping), used extensively in physiotherapy and competitive sports. The elastic shirt is skin-tight and has rigid NeuroBands on the back. These bands ensure controlled tension and a sllght pull around the shoulders when you slouch.

The Posture Shirt is suitable for all adults who deal with poor posture or adults who suffer from back problems and muscle tension. Most of the ActivePosture® users deal with posture issues or suffer from muscle tension or pain, but many also use the Posture Shirt as a preventative measure or even for sports.

You can find all the products online at Anyone who buys the Posture Shirt can test it for 30 days. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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