The worst cold you’ve ever had: The 5 finest vitamins for fighting a cold.


COLD and flu season is here in the UK, with many calling the cold going around this year as the “worst cold ever”. If you’re fed up with feeling under the weather, you need these; the five best supplements for the common cold.

Bunged-up Brits from all over the UK are complaining of the “worst cold ever”, as 2021’s seasonal cold seems to have come back with a vengeance. There’s nothing worse than being knocked out by a nasty cold, so you might consider taking some natural supplements to keep your immune system fighting fit.


After almost two years of on and off isolating due to coronavirus, many of our immune systems are not up to the task of fighting off the lurgy.

Many Brits are suffering with a sore throat and a dripping nose, dubbing it the “worst cold ever”.

If you have nasty cold symptoms, don’t rule out Covid before you’ve taken a test.

Once you’ve tested, if you are negative for coronavirus, but still feeling rotten with the “worst cold ever”, you’ll probably be feeling desperate for an effective remedy.

Colds and flu can typically be treated at home, unless you have a really severe case of the flu, then you should see a doctor.

You might consider speaking to your GP if you’ve got the flu and you’re pregnant, over 65, or have an underlying medical condition.

However, for most people they can treat colds and flu with medicines, natural remedies and plenty of rest.

So what natural remedies and supplements can help you fight off the “worst lurgy ever”?

Many people rely on zinc supplements for their immune-boosting powers.

Some studies have found zinc lozenges can help you recover from colds faster, by anything between one and two days.

This golden spice is delicious in curry and is even used in lattes, but turmeric supplements have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

By reducing inflammation, turmeric can give your immune system a boost.


Tucking into fresh oranges has often been recommended as a cure for colds, but vitamin C supplements can give you a full dose of this immune-boosting vitamin.

Taking vitamin C supplements can reduce the severity of your symptoms, and get you feeling back to normal.

Don’t worry about bad breath, no one’s going to get close to you with that snotty nose anyway.

Garlic supplements contain the substance allicillin, which not only. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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