The trick to cooking the perfect steak, according to a former Queen’s chef, is “preparing.”


The trick to cooking the perfect steak, according to a former Queen’s chef, is “preparing.”

STEAK is a popular culinary dish that can be challenging to master. One royal chef, on the other hand, has given his best secrets for making luscious and juicy steak.

Steak is a versatile cut of beef that may be prepared in a variety of ways, such as rare, medium, or well done. Whatever your choice, mastering the perfect steak may be difficult. Jeff Baker, Executive Development Chef at Farmison & Co, shared his best recommendations for preparing the meat with this website.

The choice of steak cut is largely personal and is influenced by factors such as budget and texture.

Fillet, sirloin, rump, and ribeye are popular cuts.

Due to its low fat content, the filet de Boeuf is the most tender but also the most expensive cut of beef.

While they all take varying amounts of time to prepare, Jeff, who has cooked for the Queen, has provided some helpful hints to ensure a wonderful meal.

“Prepare all the instruments you need for the work ahead of time,” he said. “When cooking inside, I prefer a heavy-based skillet or frying pan, a nice pair of tongs or spatula, a wire rack for resting, and a spoon for basting.”

Bring your beef to room temperature first, according to the expert.

“This allows the steak to cook more uniformly and aids in the creation of a rich, unami-packed exterior,” he explained.

When it comes to frying the meat, Jeff says, “Apply the fat or oil directly to the flesh, not to the pan, for leaner steaks.”

“Just before cooking, season the meat liberally with salt.

“Sear all sides over high heat before lowering heat to finish cooking.

“Always rest the steak for at least half of the cooking time; this allows the flesh to rest before being sliced, allowing the natural fluids to remain in the steak.

“If pan frying or cooking on a griddle pan, baste the steak with a knob of butter and cut against the grain.”

Although it appears to be a straightforward process, cooking steak can sometimes go awry and result in chewy results.

When it comes to preparing the piece of beef, Jeff also mentioned several things you should never do.

“Never cook a steak from frozen or even fridge temperature; it affects tenderness,” he explained.

“Also, don’t salt the steak until you’re ready to cook it because salt can suck away moisture, so season as needed.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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