The Supreme Court has struck down the COVID vaccine mandate for workplaces, ruling that it is not an occupational hazard.


The Supreme Court has blocked the COVID vaccine mandate for workplaces, ruling that it is not an occupational hazard.

The US Supreme Court has struck down President Joe Biden’s rule requiring all employees at large corporations to be vaccinated and tested weekly.

The justices ruled that the vaccine mandate went beyond the Biden administration’s authority.

The mandate to vaccinate against COVID has been halted.

According to The Washington Post, the Supreme Court has ruled that a limited vaccine mandate could apply to government-funded healthcare workers.

The mandates, according to the Biden administration, will aid the country’s fight against the pandemic.

President Biden expressed disappointment with the court’s decision to block “common-sense life-saving requirements” for employees, despite his low approval rating.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump applauded the decision, claiming that vaccine mandates would have sunk the US economy.

Employees will lose pay and be fired if they do not comply with the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate, according to a leaked memo obtained by Brinkwire News.

According to Gizmodo, the Biden administration’s workplace vaccine mandate would have required all employees to either get a COVID-19 vaccine or wear a mask and be tested weekly at their own expense.

The mandate would have applied to businesses with 100 or more employees, affecting 84 million people in the country.

It was created with the intention of being enforced by employers.

Opponents, including several Republican politicians and some businesses, claimed that the Biden administration was abusing its power by announcing the mandate in November, which was met with immediate opposition.

In the end, President Biden’s vaccine mandates were upheld or overturned based on interpretations of federal statutes, not on principles of liberty or public appeals.

Decision made in two parts

President Biden had the law on his side when he ordered all healthcare workers to get COVID-19 shots, according to a majority of the Supreme Court, but using a workplace safety statute to impose a vaccine mandate on employers was “a bridge too far.”

Hundreds of employees protested the vaccine mandate implemented by the Biden administration last year.

United Airlines had even fired 593 employees for refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The current Supreme Court balance of four Republicans, three Democrats, and two at the ideological fulcrum comes into sharp relief once more.

The mixed judicial bag is the latest setback for a COVID response plan that has always seemed to be a step behind the most recent pandemic updates.

The Biden administration was slow to encourage booster shots, and the surge caught them off guard.

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