The Sonde Mental Fitness app is now available, and it can detect signs of mental illness in the user’s voice.


Sonde Mental Fitness, an application programming interface (API) that can detect signs of mental illness in a user’s voice, has been launched.

It comes as a standalone app, but it can also be integrated into third-party apps. The API makes use of audio signal processing as well as machine learning in order to detect vocal changes that may be signs of mental illness.

Sonde Mental Fitness is the latest example of different technologies such as API and artificial intelligence (AI) being used in the detection and treatment of mental health concerns.

Sonde Mental Fitness Launches

Sonde Mental Fitness was launched by Sonde Health. It is an API that can detect signs of mental illness in a user’s voice.

According to a report by MobiHealthNews, Sonde Mental Fitness “uses audio signal processing and machine learning to analyze 30-second audio clips of a user’s voice and detect any vocal changes that could be a sign of mental state.”

“The technology is able to transcribe and store the voice sample as daily diary entries,” per the MobiHealthNews report. Users can also use the technology to track moods and emotions and even as a source for mental wellness tips.

According to the Sonde Health website, Sonde Mental Health provides mental fitness health checks, mental health content and tips, and mental fitness scores that are based on vocal smoothness, control, liveliness, energy, clarity, and crispness.

Sonde Mental Fitness can be integrated into third-party apps or used as a standalone app.

How Sonde Mental Fitness Works

According to a press release published on Businesswire, Sonde Mental Fitness makes use of biomarkers in order to measure key health indicators.

“Studies have shown that health conditions including depression, stress, anxiety, sleepiness/fatigue, and certain respiratory conditions can impact vocal features such as smoothness, control, liveliness, energy range, clarity,” according to the press release.

Sonde Mental Fitness takes 30-second audio recordings of a user’s voice and analyzes subtle changes that may be signs that show changes to one’s mental fitness.

The audio signal process technology and machine learning models used for Sonde Mental Fitness have been trained using more than a million voice samples. The API has also been optimized so that it can understand the voices of various languages and dialects.

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