The Queen prefers’simple’ desserts, so Platinum Pudding, like Victoria Sponge, must be simple.


Platinum Pudding’must be simple’ like Victoria Sponge, as the Queen prefers ‘unfussy’ desserts.

THE QUEEN is on the hunt for the perfect pudding for her Platinum Jubilee, and she’s inviting home cooks to make a dessert fit for Her Majesty.

What, on the other hand, is the Queen’s favorite dessert?

The Queen is inviting home cooks aged eight and up to create a brand new dessert in honor of the Platinum Jubilee.

Mary Berry, Fortnum and Mason’s experts, and the head chef from Buckingham Palace will judge the competition.

Jane Dunn, a food blogger who appeared on This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to discuss what they are looking for, will be one of the judges.

“We’re looking for something as big as the Victoria sponge, Coronation Chicken – anything that will be remembered, but perhaps a more new and exciting flavor?” Jane said.

Phillip inquired about a Platinum Jubilee dessert for the Queen.

“I imagine she’d prefer a delicious, classic flavor,” she continued.

“I think something exciting like white chocolate raspberry would be quite good here, especially as we approach the summer months – something light.”

Gyles Brandreth, a royal expert, was also on the show and shared his thoughts on the Queen’s favorite desserts.

“I’ll tell you what she likes, and I’ll tell you what she likes – simple,” he said.

“She prefers uncomplicated dishes, and this is the Platinum Pudding.”

“On June 5, the great, ultimate day, the ideas created for this dessert will be happening all over the country, serving as a classic pudding.”

“It’s hoped that it will outlast the Victoria Sponge, which is a very simple sponge.”

“The Queen herself isn’t a picky eater, and they’re very careful not to tell you what she likes because otherwise, they serve the same thing at every function she attends.”

“But I know she doesn’t have a big appetite and doesn’t like a lot of richness, so this idea of being exciting is going to be difficult for her.”

“Mary Berry, a judge from Fortnum and Mason’s, and a chef from Buckingham Palace will be the final judges.”

“I think keep it simple and inclusive because the head chef there will really know what the Queen likes.”

“Rather than meat, it might have to be fruits and vegetables.”

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