The new chief hired all five merged firms from outside.


Through Brian Donnelly

Glen Williams has been named as managing director by NORTH, the Scotland-based technology company created by the merger of five UK technology companies.

As it continues to improve its market position, the IoT services and solutions provider said the appointment would help drive growth within the group.

North was founded through the merger of Boston Networks, PEL Services, 2020 Vision Systems, Pinacl Solutions and Pinacl Global Distribution Partnership with U.K.-based technology, Internet of Things, networking and protection providers.

A number of mergers and acquisitions followed to build a company that strives to be at the forefront of the market for smart, integrated technology.

North is funded by Aliter Capital, a Glasgow and London-based specialist investment company whose plan is to grow North as a “modern and advanced operator” concentrating on IoT, networking and communication, and security and security.

Williams is joining Allvotec, where he was chief executive of the provider of channel-only services, having previously led Damovo’s profitable sale in 2018.

At Dell, Computacenter and Lenovo, he has held a variety of leadership roles.

“North is at a pivotal point in its evolution,” said Williams. “Bringing together five market leaders with a clear strategy to build the leading IoT, networking and connectivity, and safety and security provider in the U.K. is an exciting challenge, and I look forward to capitalizing on the significant growth opportunities in the market.” He said North is in this space “already an established player”


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