The majority of Britons are unable to distinguish between white and red wine.


The difference between white and red wine is a mystery to half of the British population.

THE AVERAGE adult has only tried ten different types of wine, with more than half of us (51%) admitting we have no idea what the difference between white and rosé wine is.

The survey results, which show how ignorant we are about booze, contradict the sales figures.

Bottles, bags, and crates cost the United Kingdom £3 billion last year.

However, according to the UK Wine Audit this year, we are not adventurous with our choices.

Almost all adults in the United Kingdom (96 percent) wish they were more adventurous when selecting a wine.

If they knew more about the different options and how they are made, 93% of people would be more likely to expand their range.

Despite our ignorance, nearly half of Britons (45%) have pretended to know more about wine than they actually do in order to impress friends.

When it comes to selecting a wine at a restaurant, however, 49 percent base their decision on cost, with 33 percent opting for the cheapest option.

Fifty percent say they don’t go out of their way to try new things, and 18 percent say they stick to what they’re comfortable with.

Pinot Grigio is the nation’s favorite, according to a survey of 2,000 wine drinkers, with 35% of those polled saying they prefer this dry white wine the most.

Chardonnay (32%) and Sauvignon Blanc (31%), two more whites, were added to the mix.

The survey was conducted to commemorate the launch of the winemaking simulator Hundred Days.

It gives a glimpse into the life of a vineyard owner and highlights the wide range of wines available.

“We hope it will inspire and tempt people,” said lead designer Yves Hohler of Broken Arm Games. “The nation is stuck in a wine rut.”

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35 percent prefer Pinot Grigio.

2. Inventive+ phrasing

Chardonnay (32%)

3. Make a list of your accomplishments

Sauvignon Blanc (31%) Sauvignon Blanc (31%) Sauvignon Blanc (31%) Sauvignon Blanc (31

4. Inventive+ paraphrase

Merlot (24%)


Rose – 23%


Cabernet Sauvignon (20%)

7. Inventive+ paraphrase

Pinot Noir – 19%


Zinfandel (17%)


Malbec has a 16 percent alcohol content.

Number ten.

Rioja is a red wine with a 14 percent alcohol content.


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