The First of Its Kind Neural Implant Treats Severe Depression with Deep-Brain Stimulation.


A first-of-its-kind neural implant has treated severe depression, and it brings a world’s first on the treatment which has utilized “deep brain stimulation” for it to take effect. Depression is a long-time mental health issue that has been a massive problem for those that suffer from it, as not all can be treated with drugs and therapy.

Neural Implant for Severe Depression

Science Alert reports that a group of researchers has debuted a first-of-its-kind technological approach to a person’s mental health by bringing a neural implant to the table as the answer to severe depression. With this, the person has reportedly felt better, and the depressive episodes have significantly reduced and had little to no cases afterward.

This is for the condition known as “Severe Depression,” and it is a type of depression that is constantly there, and it requires a long-term treatment to overcome and surpass. Having depression is hard, but severe depression makes it harder for a person to function and think properly.

That being said, the person who has undergone the treatment suffers from it, and their condition resists drug and treatment, something which is unique to the said person. With this, a procedure has focused on an invasive brain implant that alters this specific area and helps the victim.

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Deep Brain Stimulation

According to the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), the procedure was also done through a targetted approach, and it did not focus on a general treatment. Its neural implant and deep brain stimulation focused on where the depression of the patient hits, and this is where they applied the experimental treatment too.

That being said, this is a novel procedure, which would be different for each patient.

Severe Depression that Resists Drugs

The world is shaping up to understand and respect those that suffer from depression, unlike before where people were told to “pucker up” and “stop being sad.” However, that is not the case with them.

That being said, plenty of technologies are aiming to help address depression and assist those that suffer from it, especially as it can be developed by almost anyone that experiences a lot in their life. Something as mundane as stress can lead a person into getting depressed or undergoing a depressive stage, and it is a lot for a person to deal with.

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