The drinks sector has warned that the UK could experience a “beer shortage” this summer.


The drinks sector has warned that the UK could experience a “beer shortage” this summer.

If one of the country’s largest liquor logistics firms goes on strike this summer, the UK could suffer a beer scarcity. Industry leaders have warned that potential strikes might result in a “beer shortage.”

Food and drink shortages in the United Kingdom appear to be never-ending. Supermarkets have reported shortages of fruit and vegetables, water bottles, ice cream, and other items in recent weeks as they try to meet rising customer demand.

Another product could now be added to the growing list of products in short supply.

Because workers at one of the country’s largest alcohol logistics firms are considering strike action, less beer may be supplied to top UK brands, corporations, and supermarkets this summer.

Employees at XPO have threatened to go on strike over pay.

Drivers and warehouse workers at all of the company’s locations are dissatisfied with their 1.4 percent salary raise for 2021.

Workers claim that this is due to the fact that it is less than the current UK inflation rate of 3.9 percent.

Companies and retailers that sell and store beer may face difficulties if the employees decide to strike.

XPO Logistics is in charge of 40% of all beer deliveries in the UK.

Pubs and other establishments receive significant brands from the corporation, including Heineken.

The UK’s largest trade union, Unite, has slammed XPO’s offer of a 1.4 percent pay increase, claiming that the company’s employees deserve more for “working flat out.”

Employees are “working flat out right now to fulfill the increased demand for beer quantities in our pubs as society opens,” according to Joe Clarke, Unite’s national officer for the drinks industry.

“A beer drought might result if our members vote for industrial action since they distribute 40% of the beer in the country,” Mr Clarke added.

“This would be on top of the ‘pingdemic’ that is already wreaking havoc on the industry.”

“We call on the firm to engage in genuine negotiations regarding a suitable salary raise for our members,” the Unite national officer stated.

XPO has also been accused by the trade union of placing workers at danger of contracting Covid by discontinuing “Covid-secure cleaning techniques” at a time when illnesses were on the rise.

“Protecting our staff is our number one priority,” a representative for the logistics firm stated.

“We’re working together with local governments and following all local and Public Health England recommendations to guarantee the best possible health and.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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