The CDC has yet to confirm the source of the Salmonella outbreak, which has spread to 35 states.


(Photo : GettlyImages/ SOPA Images ) CDC logoSalmonella infections have affected more than 400 people across 35 states in the United States, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC is investigating what caused the outbreak.

Salmonella Outbreak in 35 States

In an update released on Sept. 30, the CDC stated that there had been a total of 419 confirmed cases connected to the outbreak. Out of the 419, 66 of the cases needed hospitalization, according to CBS.

The numbers have increased from the CDC’s update on Sept. 23 to 279 cases across 29 states, and 26 of those cases needed hospitalizations. Fortunately, no deaths have been confirmed.

However, the agency noted that the actual number of patients is always likely higher than the number reported because most of the patients recover without having to seek any treatment or without having to notify health officials.

The CDC has still yet to identify the food source that is connected to the outbreak. In the agency’s previous update, health officials stated that this specific salmonella strain was found inside a condiment cup containing lime, onions, and cilantro.

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At the time, the CDC stated that it was difficult to know which ingredient was contaminated. It is because the takeout container had other foods mixed in.

The agency is asking the public to follow the safety measures when washing, cooking, and eating foods to lessen the risk of food poisoning.

As of Sept. 29, the salmonella outbreak had expanded to a total of 35 states. Texas has 111 confirmed cases; Oklahoma has 63; Virginia has 38; Illinois has 28; Maryland has 22; Minnesota has 20; Massachusetts and Wisconsin have ten each; Kansas and Kentucky have 9 cases each, Arkansas and New Mexico have 8 cases each, and South Dakota and North Carolina have 7 cases each.

Meanwhile, California, Michigan, and Nebraska have 6 cases each. Florida, Ohio, Missouri, and New Jersey have 5 cases each. Connecticut, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania have 4 cases each.

New York has 3 cases confirmed. Georgia, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah have 2 cases each, while Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, and Oregon have 1 case each, according to

Symptoms of Salmonella

Salmonella is a very common bacterial disease that affects a person’s intestinal tract. The bacteria usually live in. Brinkwire Summary News.


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