The Best Buy Current Health Acquisition: The Home as the Center of Healthcare, with Remote Solutions on the Horizon?


The Best Buy Current Health Acquisition: The Home as the Center of Healthcare, with Remote Solutions on the Horizon?

Best Buy has previously announced the purchase of Current Health, a well-known remote healthcare service based in the United Kingdom that specializes in home health solutions. Now, the American corporation has expressed an interest in exploring healthcare and other projects including the provision of aid and other health solutions to a broader audience.

The American corporation is known for focusing on being a retail store, and it is one of the country’s most popular and largest. However, it appears that Best Buy is moving forward and pursuing stronger initiatives, particularly in the area of healthcare, which is one of the most critical issues right now, given the global pandemic.

Current Health Acquisition and Best Buy

Last Tuesday, October 12, Best Buy announced the acquisition of Current Health, demonstrating the company’s commitment on healthcare, which is moving toward a more distant setting. Best Buy is also taking a more hands-on approach to its company, which will eventually include putting up home health solutions.

Current Health’s exact intentions have yet to be released by the retail giant, but the company’s initial focus will be on providing home healthcare to individuals who require it. With its business in the United Kingdom, Current Health is working on the same thing.

Deborah Di Sanzo, President of Best Buy Health, says, “The future of consumer technology is directly related to the future of healthcare.”

Apple is also working on converting AirPods into hearing aids and adding other health features to them.

What’s the Best Buy in Home Healthcare?

As previously said, Best Buy has yet to expound on its home healthcare and consumer technology solutions for the company’s latest initiative. In conjunction with its acquisition of Current Health, Best Buy Health has made no specific plans to provide services or goods.

For the time being, its exclusive concentration is on providing home healthcare and a remote setup for delivering help and services.

To Survive in Home Healthcare?

Home healthcare has become a major consideration, as hospitals are now more unsafe than ever, with the extremely infectious COVID-19 virus capable of killing a person. However, investigations into home healthcare, particularly its integration with tech wearables, have been conducted, which may help doctors better understand and monitor patients.

Several corporations, despite not being “health-specific” in nature, have already invested in healthcare and its development. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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