Tesco Cold & Flu sachets, which were incorrectly labeled as suitable for children, are being recalled immediately.


Tesco Cold & Flu sachets, which were incorrectly labeled as suitable for children, are being recalled immediately.

Tesco has been compelled to issue a recall for sachets of cough and cold medication.

Due to a labeling mix-up, the Tesco Max All-In-One Chesty Cough & Cold Lemon Sachets have been pulled from the stores. The package stated that the product was suitable for children.

Tesco is the sole retailer who sells the product, and about 78,000 packets from three batches are being recalled.

Anyone who has the product should stop using it as soon as possible.

Children aged 12 and up can take four sachets containing 1000mg of paracetamol, according to the sachet packaging.

However, no one under the age of 16 should be given the product.

There are ten sachets in each of the three batches that have been recalled, and the recall does not affect any other items in the same line.

One line has been recalled, batch number 9MW0145, expiry date November 22, initially distributed in March 2020.

Because this batch has been in circulation for more than a year, it’s worth checking your medicine cabinet to see if you still have any sachets from it.

Batch number 0CW0054 has also been recalled; it was distributed beginning in April 2020 and will expire in January 2023.

The most recent batch to be recalled is 0FW0133, which was originally distributed in May 2021 and has an expiration date of May 2023.

It comes as Brits are presently experiencing the ‘worst cold ever,’ with many turning to cold and flu medicines to help alleviate their symptoms after many lost immunity due to coronavirus limitations.

“We are recalling our Tesco Maximum Strength All-In-One Cold & Flu Relief Lemon x10 because the dose information displayed on the individual sachets is inaccurate, and the product is not recommended for use by children under the age of 16,” a Tesco spokesman said.

“Customers should return the item to their local retailer for a full refund.” We apologize for any trouble this has caused.” Dr Alison Cave, the MHRA’s Chief Safety Officer, stated that patient safety is the top concern.

“We are committed to ensuring that the medicines you consume are safe,” he continued. It is critical that people check their Tesco Max All-In-One Chesty Cough & Cold Lemon Sachet packs to see if they have one that is affected. They should cease using them and return them to Tesco for a refund if this is the case.

“We want to reassure patients and parents that there is no need to be concerned if you or someone under the age of 16 has recently taken these sachets and has experienced no adverse effects.”

“If you have any questions, please talk to your doctor, and report any bad reactions through the Yellow Card system.”

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