Tennis player Joanna Konta ‘didn’t acknowledge’ a chronic injury that forced her to retire.


Tennis star Joanna Konta ‘didn’t acknowledge’ a chronic injury that forced her to retire.

JOANNA KONTA announced her retirement in December 2021 with a heartbreaking announcement.

Despite saying she was “grateful” for her career, the athlete’s career was cut short due to a persistent knee problem she had been dealing with for the past few years.

Konta announced her retirement from the sport on Twitter, saying that she had been able to “live her dreams.”

The star quickly rose through the ranks, reaching number four in the world, but health issues and setbacks began to plague her near the end of her career.

After initially ignoring her knee problems, Konta’s pain became unbearable, forcing her to withdraw from two Wimbledon warm-up events last year in Birmingham and Eastbourne.

Konta talked about her injury in an interview with Sky Sports before retiring.

“I think at first I didn’t really acknowledge that there was something going on,” she explained.

“It took me far too long to address it properly, and by that time it had become a significant issue.”

The tennis player explained that a tendon issue in her right knee had ruined her chances of competing well in the Grand Slam tournament in June 2021.

“Tendon issues aren’t simple; they don’t follow a specific blueprint of rest, recovery, rehabilitation, and then you’re good to go,” she continued.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever had an experience like that.”

Knock on wood, I’ve been extremely fortunate; I’ve never had an injury that required surgery or that required me to be taken off the court.”

Konta expressed hope at the time that the injury would not have a significant impact on her career, saying she was determined to “kick it” before retiring permanently.

“It’s a management issue,” she explained.

“I want to make sure I’m putting enough load through it, that all the muscles around it are strong enough, that I’m giving it every opportunity to repair the tendon, so I’m lifting very heavy – slow and heavy has been my protocol with this tendon issue.”

“When I play matches, it hurts sometimes and doesn’t hurt other times.

It is dependent on the location.

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