Susanna Reid’s weight loss: The GMB host talks about her weight loss metamorphosis after losing the first 7 pounds.


Susanna Reid’s weight loss: The GMB host talks about her weight loss metamorphosis after losing the first 7 pounds.

SUSANNA REID, 50, is a television host who has shared her weight loss experience throughout the years. She claimed that reducing her alcohol use and munching helped her lose weight.

Susanna Reid, a Good Morning Britain broadcaster, works across from Piers Morgan, 55. In recent years, she has spoken about her weight loss journey.

Susanna revealed that she struggled with her weight during the coronavirus lockdown, describing herself as going through a “lockdown slump” and gaining one stone.

She asked fitness influencer Joe Wicks for advice on remaining healthy at home while on Good Morning Britain.

The TV host is no stranger to a healthy lifestyle, having shed 7 pounds in previous years.

One of the things that drove her to make a change in her life was a visit to the doctor, which aroused health worries.

“I’ve shed a stone and a half and I feel fantastic,” she told Prima Magazine.

“I went to the doctor with a skin condition around this time last year, and he told me I needed to lose weight.

“It found out I was at the higher end of my BMI, and I had been feeling a little heavy for a while,” she says.

Susanna is said to have reduced her alcohol use in order to achieve her metamorphosis.

According to doctors at, drinking alcohol causes weight gain and slows weight loss efforts.

“Alcohol is high in empty calories, which means it includes numerous calories but no vitamins, minerals, or other critical nutrients that your body requires,” they said.

“Not only might this lead to dietary inadequacies, but it could also lead to weight increase over time.”

According to the experts, alcohol has a significant calorie content, which might lead to weight gain.

They noted, “Alcohol also plays a big influence in weight management.”

“Anyone trying to lose those last few stubborn pounds should avoid their evening glass of wine.”

Susanna previously stated that she made an attempt to cut back on snacking in addition to limiting her alcohol use.

Regular snacking, like drinking alcohol, can lead to slimmers consuming extra calories that aren’t required.

Susanna told ITV’s Lorraine, “It can creep up on you without you realizing it, and what I did was take out snacking.”

“I discovered that getting up so early in the morning puts you in a state of energy deficiency that affects your entire body.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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