Supplements: A natural treatment for high blood pressure that has been shown to’significantly’ lower it.


Supplements: A natural remedy that has been shown to’significantly’ lower blood pressure levels.


If you have high blood pressure, you may be able to lower it by changing your diet and taking supplements.

High blood pressure means that your blood pressure is consistently too high, according to the UK government, which estimates that one in every four adults worldwide has high blood pressure.

Because it rarely causes symptoms, it is often referred to as a “silent killer.”

According to Public Health England (PHE), the prevalence of high blood pressure in adults in England in 2015 was 31% among men and 26% among women, with little change over the previous few years.

Blood pressure is the force exerted on your blood vessels and organs as your heart pumps blood around your body.

Two numbers are used to record blood pressure.

The force with which your heart pumps blood around your body is called systolic pressure (higher number).

The resistance to blood flow in the blood vessels is measured by diastolic pressure, which is the lower number.

According to the UK government, it is expected to affect more than 1.5 billion people globally by 2025.

“Hypertension in particular has been the target of many therapeutic interventions,” writes a review published in the National Library of Medicine.

“Numerous studies show that beetroot, delivered acutely as a juice supplement or in bread, significantly lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure,” according to the researchers.

“Interestingly, beetroot supplements have been shown to reduce blood pressure in both people with and without high blood pressure,” according to Healthline.

According to the website, a review of 11 studies found that beetroot juice reduced blood pressure in both people with and without this condition.

According to research, people with high blood pressure can often take other effective measures to lower it.

If you have high blood pressure, the NHS recommends lowering your salt intake and limiting your alcohol consumption.

It goes on to say that you should consider eating a low-fat, well-balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Caffeine consumption should be reduced, and smoking should be avoided.

According to the Public Health England, half of the adult population in England has no idea what their blood pressure reading is.

The only way to tell if your blood pressure is high is to take a blood pressure reading.

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