Stylish, happy new year? Sequins build glitter and lift expectations for loungewear


Sweatpants, leggings, slippers, rubber boots and lined tops, zoom shirts…. The 2020 fashion trends have shown how our lives are changing from the workplace to the living room and from the bar to the garden.

But how will a new year – a more promising one, with a future on the horizon after the vaccine – affect fashion? As the world opens up again, fashion analysts suggest that individuals will purchase pieces that match the new standard with a restricted lifestyle, rather than fully overhauling their wardrobe.

This has already started, Morgane Le Caer, data editor at fashion search platform Lyst, believes. Alongside silk, sequined skirts and embellished accessories, loungewear remains common – the kind of pieces that should be flaunted beyond the laptop screen. “While the demand for relaxed, comfortable pieces isn’t going to change anytime soon,” she says, “choosing to dress in mood-enhancing pieces when times are tough is a sign of optimism and positivity. “Shoppers recognize that now is a time when the most important qualities for consumers are adaptability and versatility.

Asos, selling 188,000 pairs of its 4505 leggings and three million pairs of Nike sneakers in the spring, was at the forefront of the 2020 home workout trend. Elsewhere, on-site sales of puffer jackets soared 80 percent . Vanessa Spence, the design director of the brand, says that a casual, sporty look will remain essential for its Gen Z customers. “Loungewear fits into everyday life and gives people an outfit they can go from the couch to the grocery store in,” she says. We think this category has a good chance to expand even further. “We think there’s a real opportunity for this category to grow even more. ” “Comfort and versatility are key requirements now,” she says. With an oversized blazer, heels and a gold necklace, it’s easy to put on a pair of sweatpants to go out…or keep the look warm with a matching hoodie and slippers.

“Natalie Kingham, global fashion officer at, reports “a new relaxed uniform interspersed with sportswear-inspired pieces” and “a growing sense of departure” where “everyday pieces have been jazzed up with vibrant colors and prints from Molly Goddard jeans to elder statesman knits.” Kingham believes that this happy atmosphere will continue to grow, “We will continue to celebrate how fashion is going to grow. “In the new Spring 2021 collections, the combination of casual apparel and dressing to the nines was also seen.

Bottega Veneta had a jersey and smart trousers and loose variations, Alexander McQueen’s jeans and Saint Laurent’s bike shorts and blazers.

Cycling shorts seem to be a success – “Emily in Paris” star Lily Collins has already been road-tested.

“Le Caer also cites new brands such as Paris Georgia of New Zealand, Chopova Lowena of Bulgaria and Thebe Magugu of South Africa as those to keep an eye on. Spence says the impact of a year under lock and key has intensified the growth of burgeoning trends. “We had forecast this trend with the emergence of streetwear before Covid,” she says.

“Le Caer says the acceleration was also evident in how consumers buy and what they buy. “In five months, we have seen almost five years of growth in e-commerce,” she says. While e-tailers like have benefited, Kingham says during a pandemic, the company has had to rethink how it communicates with customers. “Normally a beautiful shoot on the beach with engaging models will carry a n n n.


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