Sturgeon: Scotland ‘looking at piloting’ 24/7 vaccinations to accelerate rollout


NICOLA Sturgeon has said Scotland is “looking at piloting” 24/7 vaccinations in a bid to accelerate the rollout. 

The First Minister said this would likely have the “biggest impact” as jags start to be offered to younger age groups. 

She said some people may want to “turn up in the middle of the night to get vaccinated” but others will not.

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It comes as the Scottish Government continues to face questions over the speed of the vaccination programme in Scotland.

Figures show 11,364 people were vaccinated on Sunday, the lowest published number so far and less than half of the number vaccinated on Saturday (23,371).

Ms Sturgeon said there may be a lag in the data, while care homes have also been prioritised. 

Speaking during her daily coronavirus briefing, she said: “We are also looking at piloting 24/7 arrangements so that people, particularly when we get into the wider groups of the population, have choices about the time that they turn up for vaccines.”

Pressed on this, she added: “When we have made that decision, we’ll set that out. These are things we’re looking at. 

“What I’m trying to do just now is illustrate that we’re looking at all sorts of ways to accelerate this. 

“I think things like that… there’s been debate about whether people want to have the option to turn up in the middle of the night to get vaccinated. 

“Some people will, some people won’t.

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“I certainly think if that kind of thing is going to add to what we are able to do, it is likely to have the biggest impact as you get down into the younger, or relatively younger age groups than it would necessarily in the over 80 or over 90 age groups.

“So these are things we continued to consider. 

“And if we think it is appropriate, there may be some things we try just to see whether they would work, and if they don’t we won’t continue with them. 

“But we are looking at all of these options right not to make sure that as the supply continues to increase, we can get it to people as quickly as possible.”


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