Stroke: Ten measures to lower your risk – “the finest things you can do to avoid”


A STOKE occurs every five minutes in the UK, and 100,000 people have strokes each year. A stroke is a serious life-threatening medical condition that happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off, and it is important to act quickly if signs of a stroke appear.

If you suspect you or someone else is having a stroke, phone 999 immediately and ask for an ambulance. There are around 1.3 million stroke survivors in the UK, and your symptoms will depend on the part of your brain affected and the extent of the damage.


The Mayo Clinic says that “knowing your stroke risk factors, following your doctor’s recommendations and adopting a healthy lifestyle” are the best steps you can take to prevent a stroke.

The health site adds that if you’ve had a stroke or a transient ischemic attack, there are measures which might help prevent another stroke.

“The follow-up care you receive in the hospital and afterward also may play a role,” it notes.

In general, healthy lifestyle recommendations include controlling high blood pressure, and healthy lifestyle changes and medications are often used to treat high blood pressure.


The site also says that eating less cholesterol and fat, especially saturated fat and trans fats, may reduce the build-up in your arteries.

If you smoke, quitting tobacco use reduces your risk of a stroke.

To prevent strokes you can also adopt a diet containing five or more daily servings of fruits or vegetables.

Being overweight contributes to other stroke risk factors, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The Mayo Clinic says that aerobic exercise reduces your risk of stroke in many ways.

Exercise can lower your blood pressure, increase your levels of good cholesterol, and improve the overall health of your blood vessels and heart.

If you have diabetes, you should maintain a good diet. Exercise and losing weight can help you keep your blood sugar in a healthy range.

“If lifestyle factors don’t seem to be enough to control your diabetes, your doctor may prescribe diabetes medication,” adds the site.

The health site also warns that heavy alcohol consumption increases your risk of high blood pressure, ischemic strokes and certain kinds of strokes.

You should also avoid “certain street drugs, such as cocaine and methamphetamine”, as they are established risk factors for a stroke

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