Several food products have been recalled by major UK stores, including Aldi, due to allergy concerns.


Several food products have been recalled by major UK stores, including Aldi, due to allergy concerns.

Several major UK retailers have issued new food recalls this week, citing concerns that the recalled foods could make some people sick if consumed. Aldi, Asda, Home Bargains, and other supermarkets are among them.

Food recalls are issued by supermarkets owing to health and safety concerns. A product is recalled when it is found to be defective and could cause harm to particular people.

The Product Standards Agency (FSA) issued several food recalls on Friday.

Crisps, corn snacks, and chocolate dippers were among the products affected.

Due to undeclared milk, Eat Real and Organic Mamia snack products have been recalled.

Milk is present in the products, although this is not stated on the label.

Eat Real Quinoa Puffs White Cheddar, Eat Real Quinoa Puffs Mediterranean, Eat Real Quinoa Puffs Jalepeno & Cheddar, Eat Real Quinoa & Kale Puffs White Cheddar, Mamia Organic Carrot Puffs, and Mamia Organic Tomato Wheels are among the snacks that have been recalled.

Up until and including May 2022, all best before dates are affected.

Aldi, Asda, Morrisons, and Ocado all sell Eat Real snacks.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) advised against eating the products and returning them to your local retailer.

Crisps offered at Sainsbury’s and Ocado are another product being recalled.

Some people should avoid eating Simpleas Lightly Salted Pea Snack because it contains gluten that isn’t listed on the label.

Customers should return the goods to a store for a full refund, according to the FSA.

“If you have an allergy or sensitivity to barley, oats, wheat, or gluten, do not eat the aforesaid product,” it said.

“Instead, return it to the store where you purchased it for a complete refund.”

Chocolate Dippers from Home Bargains are the final product that has been recalled.

The sweet snack is being recalled by TJ Morris, which owns Home Bargains, because it includes peanuts that aren’t listed on the label.

The corporation has released a statement informing customers of their options if they have purchased the goods.

“TJ Morris is recalling Choco Dippers snacks due to an undisclosed allergy in the ingredients list,” the announcement added.

“Do not eat it if you are allergic to peanuts.

“If you would like a full refund, please return the purchase to our store.”

This affects all batch codes and best before dates.


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