Salt and sugar tax: A new salt and sugar tax has been proposed, but are you addicted to them?


Salt and sugar tax: A new salt and sugar tax has been proposed, but are you addicted to them?

According to a new independent report, salt and sugar levies should be implemented by the end of the decade, but how can you know if you’re addicted to salt or sugar?

Salt and sugar levies may be implemented in the food business soon. Any funds donated might go toward critical efforts like free school meals or food banks. Following an independent evaluation, the National Food Strategy has recommended for the implementation of the world’s first Sugar and Salt Reformulation Tax.

According to an impartial food evaluation, salt and sugar should be charged, and vegetables should be prescribed by the NHS.

According to the analysis, which was directed by businessman Henry Dimbleby, higher taxes might be used to expand free school meals and encourage improved nutrition for the poorest children.

As part of a new National Food Strategy, the review advised that a Salt and Sugar Reformulation tax be imposed on food sold in shops, cafes, and canteens.

According to the analysis, a £3 per gram sugar tax and £6 per kilogram salt charge on processed foods, as well as in restaurants and catering firms, would push manufacturers to reformulate their recipes and cut portion sizes.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on the other hand, has stated that placing an additional tax on salt and sugar, which would disproportionately affect “hard-working people,” is not appealing to him.

“I must admit, I am not drawn to the concept of more taxes on hard-working people,” Mr Johnson said in Coventry.

“I will analyze the report,” he added. I believe it is a neutral report.

“I believe it contains, without a doubt, some good ideas.”

According to England’s National Food Strategy, doctors should consider prescribing fruits and vegetables to support healthy eating.

The food that Britons eat and how it is produced, according to the report, is harming the country’s health and “doing tremendous damage to the world.”

According to the assessment, the country should make significant reforms.

“We don’t genuinely believe it would raise the price for most things,” Mr Dimbleby added. “What it will do is reformulate, forcing people to remove sugar and salt.”

Both salt and sugar are highly addictive flavors.

Sodium is essential for the proper functioning of the body, since it aids in the regulation of water balance and the management of muscle and nerve activity.

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