Russia threatens to ban YouTube for the removal of channels due to COVID misinformation.


Russia threatens to ban YouTube for the removal of channels due to COVID misinformation.

Russia has threatened to block YouTube after the platform removed two state-backed channels for violating the COVID misinformation guidelines.

RT DE and Der Fehlende Part are two German-language channels that YouTube has removed due to their infractions. After receiving a one-week ban for violating the disinformation guidelines, RT DE went on to upload content on Der Fehlende Part that violated the guidelines.

YouTube has announced that any content containing vaccination misinformation would be removed. The new policy applies to all vaccination misinformation, not just COVID vaccines.

Russia threatens to ban YouTube.

Russia has threatened to ban YouTube after it removed two state-backed channels for COVID disinformation violations.

RT DE and Der Fehlende Part are the two YouTube channels that have been removed.

According to a BBC report, Roskomnadzor, the “Russian media watchdog,” has accused the platform of censorship and “‘demanded’ that the channels be restored,” according to the article.

According to the BBC, RT DE was given a warning and then suspended for a week because of its COVID disinformation infringement. RT DE then defied the prohibition by publishing programming on another channel, Der Fehlende Part, that violated the same standards.

YouTube eventually took down both channels.

YouTube’s Anti-Vaccine Misinformation Campaign

YouTube has begun a crackdown on channels that disseminate misinformation about vaccines on the platform.

According to a recent Tech Times story, the site began removing misinformation-containing posts on September 28. The crackdown includes not only misinformation regarding the COVID vaccine, but also information about other vaccines.

According to a Bloomberg story, Matt Halprin, YouTube’s vice president for trust and safety, said the restriction applies to any video that suggests immunizations have long-term health consequences.

“The measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination being wrongly ascribed to causing autism, was one example of the types of content the new policy will cover that was previously allowed,” according to the BBC.

YouTube Takes Action Against COVID-19 Misinformation, Deleting Over 1 Million ‘Dangerous’ Videos

Russian Websites and Platforms Have Been Banned in the Past

Russia has threatened to ban YouTube after it implemented a new anti-vaccine disinformation policy. However, this is not the first time Russia has threatened to ban, if not outright prohibit, an internet site.

Russia put a stop to it in early September. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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