Royal Mail and Parcelforce are restarting their services to the EU


After almost a week of disruption, the Royal Mail and Parcelforce services to the EU have resumed.

Royal Mail suspended services to continental Europe, except the Republic of Ireland, on Dec. 23 because of concerns about the latest coronavirus strain in the UK, VUI-202012/01.

Parcelforce has followed suit, halting services to Turkey and Canada as well.

As both organisations faced their busiest time of the year, the Christmas season saw considerable disruption.

What you need to know: The Postal Service warns that customs forms for EU packages beginning today will be needed.

With immediate impact, services have resumed, with individuals warned to expect a delay of up to two days if they send mail today.

Royal Mail and Parcelforce services to Europe have reopened and are now fully operational,” a statement from Royal Mail said.”

Customers in certain countries should expect a delay of up to two workdays for products posted today.

In order to sustain service, we work with our airlines and postal/courier partners around the world, but delays can be expected.

“Many countries have taken special measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, especially for signature service, to maintain social distance,” he said.

“The number of countries we can reach changes daily.”


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