Row sparked over Andrew Neil comments on This Morning over Scotland’s vaccine rollout performance


A row has broken out on social media over comments made by Andrew Neil on ITV’s This Morning.

Many were quick to react after Neil stated that the vaccination rollout in Scotland hadn’t gone as well as it had in England.

The Chairman of Spectator was asked by hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes if he agreed that Nicola Sturgeon was “more alert than other leaders of the UK” in relation to Scottish schools returning from next week.

Speaking from his home in the South of France he said: “She is certainly perceived to be one step ahead, there is no question about that, she is much better at the presentation than Boris Johnson is.

“She speaks straightly, coherently, in sentences, something the Prime Minister isn’t always famous for. 

“Whether there is that much difference between the policies, there is a week or ten days in it most of the time.

“The vaccination rollout hasn’t gone as well in Scotland as it has in England, on the other hand, the number of deaths from Covid per 100,00 people is lower in Scotland than it is in England. 

“Overall, if you step back from it and you are to look at this country from the outside, you would conclude that for all the emphasis on the differences, policy overall in Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland hasn’t really been that different.

“It’s had huge failures, like the care homes in the early days, and huge successes like the vaccine rollout we have now.”

Many were quick to criticise Neil for the comments with the latest data suggesting that Scotland has been outperforming England for the last week over the 7 day average of vaccine doses per 100k.

Last week it was reported that Scotland vaccinated a higher proportion of residents in seven days than any other country in Europe.

One social media user wrote: “Andrew Neil was incorrect about Scotland’s vaccine rollout performance, Scotland currently is the top performer in Europe”

Another added: “Can’t listen to Andrew Neil pontificating about COVID-19 and the government’s handling of the pandemic. We need to do this, we need to do that….from the south of France.”

[email protected] You really need to get your facts rights Andrew. Scotland is leading the way and much better than England.
— Yes Scotland’s Future (@Scotland_future) February 17, 2021

Yesterday, the First Minister said more than a quarter of Scots have now been given at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. 

She told MSPs “As of 8.30 this morning, 1,288,004 people in Scotland have received their first dose of the vaccine. That is an increase of 32,814 since yesterday.”

The First Minister also guaranteed that everyone given their first dose of coronavirus vaccine so far will be able to get their second dose within the next 12 weeks.

With concerns having been raised about a dip in vaccine supplies, the First Minister was pressed to confirm whether those who have already had their first jag would be able to have the second dose within the necessary time frame.

Everyone given their first dose of coronavirus vaccine so far will be able to get their second dose within the next 12 weeks, Nicola Sturgeon has guaranteed.


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