Robert Webb’s health: The star’s ‘urgent’ health condition led to his resignation from Strictly Come Dancing – symptoms


Robert Webb’s health: The star’s ‘urgent’ health condition led to his resignation from Strictly Come Dancing – symptoms

ROBERT WEBB has become the latest celebrity to exit Strictly Come Dancing this season. Not by popular vote, but due to medical reasons. What is the celebrity’s serious health condition? On Strictly It Takes Two, host and former professional dancer Janette Manrara delivered a statement prepared by Robert, who was only on the show for three weeks. Robert opens his message with a genuine apology, noting that his departure from the show is due to “poor health.” Along with the statement, he and his professional partner Dianne Buswell both posted on Instagram, expressing their condolences but emphasizing the significance of his health.

“Two years ago, I underwent open heart surgery, and although I assumed I was fit enough to take on Strictly and its demanding schedule, it became evident that I had bitten off considerably more than I could chew at this time in my rehabilitation,” the statement continued.

“I had started to have symptoms that forced me to seek an urgent meeting with my heart specialist, and she advised me to take a break from the program for the sake of my health.”

The star went on to remark how proud he was of the three dances he had done, and he complimented red-head Dianne with getting him this far.

“Thanks also to everyone at home who voted for us; it was always going to be a difficult mountain to climb (for one thing, it’s made of glitter, so it’s quite skiddy), and I’ve been particularly moved by the support from fellow heart patients,” he continued.

“I guess I was trying too hard to impress them.” They’ll understand that healing isn’t always a straight line, and I hope they’re not too dissatisfied that I tested my resilience much sooner than I’d anticipated.

“Despite the tragic ending, it has been a true honor to be a part of this massive, joyous, and barking insane television show. “May it go on indefinitely.” In the year 2020, Robert developed a mitral valve prolapse, necessitating immediate surgery.

The operation was performed after the comedian had been sick for a long period. Then, in 2019, at a routine heart check, doctors. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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