Raw rage ‘: Nicola Sturgeon must realize that the partnership of the Scottish government with business is impaired


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The chief executive of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce said this week that Nicola Sturgeon needs to admit that the relationship between the Scottish government and industry has deteriorated dramatically since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and resolve this.

“I think the Scottish government is facing the challenge that a large part of the business community is concerned that the Scottish government does not trust the business community. That attitude is reaching a level that is being reciprocated.”I think the Scottish government faces the challenge. The attitude reaches a level that is being reciprocated.

“There is sometimes a raw anger about the way the business perspective is dismissed in the debate in Scotland.”There is also a raw anger about how in the debate in Scotland the business perspective is dismissed.

Stuart Patrick, chief of the Glasgow Chamber.

For the city, a return to the health crisis of decades past would be “appalling”

Patrick also cautioned this week that the thought of Glasgow returning to a health crisis of the sort triggered by the economic problems of the 1980s and 1990s would be “horrendous,”

He claims that the core message of the Scottish government that the economy can be revived, but life can not, shows that companies do not care about the current crisis in public health.

In an interview with The , Mr. Patrick said, “I hear the argument in Scotland: ‘We can always restore an economy. You can’t restore lives.’ I find that attitude of the Scottish government particularly irritating because it implies that businesses don’t care about the public health crisis.”


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