Rachel Riley said her daughter is “very busy” as she promotes the value of sports.


Rachel Riley said her daughter is “very busy” as she promotes the value of sports.

RACHEL RILEY has partnered up with Always to promote the participation of more girls and women in sports. Rachel feels that participating in sports benefits women’s physical and emotional health, as well as providing girls with a variety of transferrable skills that they may apply outside of the sport, such as in school and at work.

Rachel Riley, 35, is a television personality and mathematician who presently co-hosts Countdown on Channel 4 and Eight Out of Ten Cats Does Countdown. She and her partner, renowned dancer Pasha Kovalev, live in London with their one-year-old daughter Maven.

Rachel talked to This Website about how sport was important to her as a child and how staying fit has been important to her as an adult.

Rachel said she enjoys being outside during lockdown when asked about her hobbies.

“I find that doing something that occupies my thoughts, whether it’s going around the park, being outdoors, being active, or riding Maven’s scooter, provides me headspace and allows me to focus on something else,” she added.

Rachel said, “Before I was pregnant, I used to love going to Zumba and cycling everywhere.”

Due to new parental responsibilities and, later, the UK’s many national lockdowns, the TV presenter has not been able to be as active as she would have liked since giving birth to her newborn daughter, Maven, in December 2019.

“I’m definitely looking forward to when things open up again,” Rachel added.

“Pasha promised to play squash with me,” she said, “so perhaps we can schedule daycare every now and again and have some time just for us to go chase a ball around.”

“I’m not a gym person; I find that kind of thing quite boring.”

Rachel stated that she has always been a sports fan and that she “truly loved football and netball” as a child.

“I was into netball, athletics, rounders, and football when I was about 16, but I was in an all-girls school at the time, and they didn’t offer any sport for A Levels,” she added.

“So, I went for a jog around the block, which I detested.

“I didn’t start playing team sports again until I went to university.”

Rachel emphasized the benefits of “Brinkwire Summary News” on one’s mental wellness.


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