Q-POC: In a remarkable breakthrough, a British-made device can identify Covid within 30 minutes.


Q-POC: In a remarkable breakthrough, a British-made device can identify Covid within 30 minutes.

Today, a BRITISH-made hand-held diagnostic equipment that can identify infectious infections such as Covid in under 30 minutes goes on sale.

The world’s first – dubbed Q-POC – has the potential to change the way fatal diseases are discovered and treated. It might also be used at airports to immediately screen individuals arriving from affected nations, as well as hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics in the fight against epidemic and pandemic threats. On the NHS, it has the potential to benefit millions of patients by allowing them to receive test results minutes before operation.

The £6,000 device, developed by Newcastle-based QuantuMDx, will be launched at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, eight years after this newspaper revealed it was in the works.

“Q-POC represents a new kind of molecular diagnostic technology – it’s rapid, battery-operated, can multiplex, and is so simple to run that anyone can be trained to use it,” said Jonathan O’Halloran, who founded the company in his garage in Uckfield, East Sussex. It’s a diagnostic system that can be used at the point of care.

“Our system is future-proof, with a lot of complexity and power hidden behind its clean lines and straightforward operation. Our Covid exam is the first in a series of tests aimed at real-world clinical problems.”

The kit can also be used to detect medication resistance, indicating whether a patient would have a negative reaction to treatment. It may also diagnose any infectious disease quickly, including tuberculosis, malaria, HIV, ebola, avian flu, and STIs.

The apparatus was put through its paces at St George’s University of London.

“We are just happy to witness the effective consequence of years of efforts to compress a diagnostics laboratory into a small, portable, and flexible device,” Sanjeev Krishna, Professor of Molecular Parasitology and Medicine, remarked. The Q-POC platform was created to meet urgent diagnostic needs, primarily in the NHS and in the community for Covid management.”

The device analyzes a DNA sample obtained from a nasal swab, urine sample, or cervical smear. To break open viral organisms, the swab is placed in a tube and mixed with a chemical soup.

The sample is placed in a cassette, passed through a filter, and washed, leaving only the virus’s isolated DNA.

One copy is made by a molecular “photocopier.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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