Prepare for a new shutdown in August, according to the Prime Minister.


Prepare for a new shutdown in August, according to the Prime Minister.

According to reports, BORIS Johnson has been warned that if hospital admissions continue to rise, limitations would be reintroduced in early August.

The Prime Minister was reportedly advised by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) that some actions may be required to prevent the NHS from becoming overwhelmed by the end of next month. According to mathematical modeling, hospital admissions could peak at roughly 1,000-2,000 per day around mid-August, with mortality at 100-200 per day. On July 14, the most recent day for which UK data was available, there were 747 hospital admissions.

According to sources, the action will be “less of an emergency brake and more of a gear change” to keep the virus’s third wave “under control.”

Professor Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer, stated last week that hospitalizations were tripling every three weeks.

If this trend continues, the numbers may exceed estimates by the end of August.

For the first time since late March, the number of Covid-19 patients in English hospitals surpassed 4,000, reaching 4,063.

When compared to two weeks ago, on July 7, when there were 2,144 patients, the number has increased by 90%.

The number of coronavirus patients is still considerably below the peak of over 34,000 in January.


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