Party of Scottish nursing home campaign challenges visitation ban whether the dose of vaccine is healthy


When residents were offered their first dose of the Covid vaccine, FAMILIES of relatives in care homes called for visiting limits to be eased.

After today’s parliamentary briefing, the Labour Party’s Monica Lennon asked the prime minister if she could provide a timeline for when visits would be permitted again and what conditions would have to be met before home visits would be possible.

Catherine Russell of the advocacy group Care Home Relatives Scotland asked why “when one dose is enough to be safe.” visits remain banned.

It is said that the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine after the first dose is 52 percent.

“Nicola Sturgeon puts Scotland back in lockdown “keep at home

Nicola Sturgeon said the restrictions would no longer apply as needed, but added: “We have a virus that spreads maybe 70 percent faster than the previous strain, so if we did not give very strong advice to limit the need, especially to go to care homes, we would be negligent.”

“But we’re also in the process and have been testing for some time, and nursing home residents and staff are in the top priority group for vaccination, so we’re hoping that this year we’re not too far away from being in a much better position.”

Nine things about the latest lockout you need to know

Ms. Russell said, “If only one dose is given by the government to nursing homes and they have to wait another 12 weeks, people will be locked up for over a year without access to their loved ones.” The entire thing is a tragedy for human rights.

Nursing homes should be opened after one dose if one dose is appropriate to be healthy.

“More than 5000 Scottish nursing home residents have died since we launched on August 12. If we have to wait another 12 weeks, we can expect that, without the comfort of their closest relatives, another 3000 will die.


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