Paralympian Kadeena Cox was terrified that her life would revolve around her inability to be self-sufficient.


Paralympian Kadeena Cox was terrified that her life would revolve around her inability to be self-sufficient.

After appearing on Celebrity Masterchef, Paralympic champion Kadeena Cox became an instant sensation with fans, but many were left wondering about her condition. What is it, and how has she overcome the obstacles to achieve such great success?

After years of success in both the T38 400m and cycling C4, the British parasport champion has a medal collection to be envious of. Her condition, however, continues to provide difficulties. Multiple sclerosis (MS) was detected in Kadeena in 2014. Her hopes of pursuing a career as an able-bodied athlete were shattered when she was diagnosed, and she had to adjust to life with the disease.

Kadeena’s MS developed as a result of a stroke.

She knew what the ailment was as a physio student, but after seeing the more severe side of the condition, she was afraid that her life would be the same.

“I was appalled that my life was going to center around not being independent,” she stated in an interview with the Multiple Sclerosis Trust.

Kadeena was able to go back into athletics as a keen athlete, giving her something to focus on.

However, the actress continues to face numerous obstacles as a result of her symptoms.

“There are days when I’m spasming to the point that I can’t even push my wheelchair because my arms and legs aren’t working,” she told The Guardian.

“There are evenings when I can’t sleep because the spasms or neurological agony are so excruciating.”

The symptoms of the paralympian aren’t merely physical.

She went on to say that she has memory loss and that her ability to think clearly seems to deteriorate when she is tired.

“Many of the symptoms are imperceptible. “You can’t see fatigue, you can’t see any of the sensory issues that people have, you can’t see any of the cognitive challenges,” the celebrity explained.

Aside from MS, Kadeena has struggled to deal with the pressures of her sport, which has pushed her to do “crazy things.”

She experienced an eating disorder relapse while competing in the World Para-Athletics Championships in Dubai in 2019.

The now 30-year-old, who described the event as a “struggle,” was disappointed that she allowed negative habits to creep back in as she aimed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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