Omicron variant: Three symptoms that are ‘commonly observed’ in Omicron infections.


Three symptoms that are “commonly observed” in Omicron infections.


Since late-2021, the number of cases has been rapidly increasing, and governments around the world have taken varying approaches to preventing or slowing the spread of COVID-19.

However, as the virus spreads, the world gains a better understanding of how to detect it and what symptoms to look for.

The world is also aware that it causes symptoms that are distinct from those caused by the previously dominant Delta variant, and scientists are discovering new symptoms almost every week.

This week, the world learned of two new potential symptoms to add to the list thanks to an app developed by King’s College London.

People are now experiencing nausea and loss of appetite, according to Professor Tim Spector, who is leading the research using the ZOE App, an app that allows people to input their symptoms.

Patients with Omicron have also experienced vomiting, nausea, and loss of appetite, according to Dr. Sanket Jain of Masina Hospital.

A dry cough, loss of taste, and loss of smell were the symptoms to look out for when the government first became aware of COVID-19 spreading through the population in 2020.

Omicron has changed everything in just under two years.

COVID-19 symptoms are now more akin to those of a cold.

This makes it difficult to track COVID-19 during the winter because people who experience these symptoms assume they have a cold and don’t get tested because it appears to be a cold.

As a result of this, and the lack of restrictions in England at least, daily case rates have recently skyrocketed, particularly in London.

This, combined with critical staff shortages, has pushed the NHS to breaking point as it prepares for the annual winter surge in patients, as well as another COVID outbreak.

The government has sent in 200 army personnel to help support the understaffed London hospitals.

Despite the crisis, there is some good news on the way, albeit minor.

Omicron cases have declined dramatically in South Africa, where the Omicron variant originated.

Meanwhile, data from a London newspaper shows that Covid case rates are falling in around two-thirds of London boroughs, the epicenter of the Omicron outbreak in the UK.

This is good news for residents of the capital, and it indicates that Omicron may be nearing its peak.

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