Omicron: A doctor offers expert advice on how to choose the best protective face masks.


Omicron: A doctor offers expert advice on how to choose the best protective face masks.

OMICRON is rife across the UK, with Covid cases increasing by more than 40% in the last week; nearly 200,000 new infections are reported every day.

How can you best protect yourself and others while Prime Minister Boris Johnson sticks to Plan B rules?

The high number of Covid cases is now funneling into more hospital admissions and deaths, according to official UK Government data – and the numbers are alarming.

Hospital admissions have increased by nearly 60% in the last seven days, with over 2,258 people admitted each day.

The death toll has risen by more than 131 percent in the last week, with more than 334 people dying every day.

Dr. Xand van Tulleken warned that “the NHS is really suffering” on BBC’s Morning Live.

Dr. Xand shared his expert advice on which face masks are the most – and least – effective now that face masks are once again required in schools and public spaces.

Dr. Xand starts with the standard surgical masks people use, acknowledging that this is a “very important” topic on people’s minds.

“There was relatively little evidence that they really worked at the beginning of the pandemic,” he said, adding that face masks were recommended based on presumptive medical knowledge.

“We’ve done a lot of trials and studies now, and we know masks work,” Dr. Xand assured.

While standard surgical masks are effective, the ffp2 has thicker layers and a “tighter fit, better seal.”

The masks can be used several times before being discarded, and a pack of five costs around £10.

Countries such as Germany, France, and Austria have already issued guidelines to their citizens requiring them to wear high-quality masks such as the ffp2 or better.

Dr. Xand confirmed that the ffp2 “reduces the size and percent of particles that get in,” as well as “reduces transmission more effectively than others.”

Dr. Xand cautioned that another popular option, despite its nice fit, “doesn’t filter anything coming out.”

“They are inadvertently exposing people,” he said.

It isn’t a wise decision.”

Despite the fact that ffp2 is better in theory and trials, Dr. Xand’s advice is to “cover your face with something that works” in the UK.

“Cloth masks are still good,” the doctor said.

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