Olly Murs weight loss: How did the singer slim down and shed up to two stone?


Olly Murs weight loss: How did the singer slim down and shed up to two stone?

OLLY MURS, a singer and a judge on The Voice UK, has spoken up about his weight reduction and fitness routine in the previous year. Olly began losing weight at the outset of the UK’s first national lockdown and has now shed about two stone. How did he pull it off?

Olly Murs will join fellow judges Anne-Marie, Will.i.am, and Sir Tom Jones on ITV’s The Voice UK tonight. On the show, Olly always looks amazing, reminding fans of his recent weight loss.

Olly released before-and-after images with his admirers in February 2020, demonstrating his remarkable turnaround.

In just seven weeks, he had lost weight and had six pack abs.

In January 2020, the actress made the decision to lose weight by adopting a diet and exercise routine.

Olly wrote: “Ain’t bad for a 35yr old!” in the Instagram caption that accompanied his photos. My dream of becoming a “butler in the buff” is becoming a reality.

“The photo on the left was taken on January 2nd! “I was thinking, ‘F*** me, I look massive,'” the singer continued.

“I was grumpy, had no energy, and couldn’t sleep, so I made some changes and now I’m actually buzzing, so I’m out to have a McDonald’s.”

Because he couldn’t go to the gym, Olly began performing home exercises with his bodybuilding girlfriend Amelia Tank.

Olly routinely shared photos and videos of the couple working out together at home.

Rob Solly, a personal trainer, also assisted Olly in getting in shape.

Olly’s home training consisted of “four critical components”: muscle mass, explosive power, mobility, and reactivity.

Olly’s exercise routine includes a lot of press ups, and he recently released a video of himself doing them on Instagram.

He tries out numerous variations to make press ups more entertaining, such as hopping off his hands and feet and changing direction between each press up, or doing press ups off a bench while clapping.

Olly has also posted videos of himself performing sit-ups on a gym ball and climbing two ropes.

In addition, Olly and Amelia exercise by cycling and walking.

Missy, a Shiba Inu, is the couple’s dog, and they walk her frequently.

Walking is a basic kind of exercise that everyone can incorporate into their daily regimen.

Olly has already spoken out about his eating habits. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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