NSW launches restaurant vouchers to include the northern beaches of Sydney in February


A bundle of four $25 vouchers aims to attract customers back to restaurants and cultural experiences after Covid businesses hit hard

As part of a trial that has now been expanded to Sydney’s northern beaches, the first New South Wales meal vouchers aimed at bringing people back to restaurants will be distributed in February. The “Dine and Discover” scheme, unveiled last year, provides a bundle of four $25 vouchers – two for dining and two for cultural experiences. The program will be introduced in February as a pilot program with v v Will you unsubscribe? The NSW government declared on Wednesday that it would extend the trial to Sydney’s northern beaches, which had to be closed during the Christmas holidays due to a Covid-19 outbreak in Avalon. The extension to northern beaches will be in step two of the trial, Guardian Australia told Service NSW. It is one of the voucher schemes announced by the state and territorial governments of Australia to assist industries such as hospitality, accommodation and entertainment that were hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. In Victoria, in early December, 70,000 $200 regional tourism vouchers sold out within minutes, with residents of Victoria reportedly unable to access the website when it went live because of high demand. At 10 am, the next round of vouchers will be made available. South Australia’s voucher scheme offered all Australians $100 vouchers for accommodation in central Adelaide and $50 vouchers for accommodation in the area and suburbs on Jan. 20 for travel between Jan. 27 and April 1, 2021. The second round was unlocked on Tuesday and 75,000 vouchers were out of stock within 40 minutes, with users reportedly unable to access the website again due to high demographics. “In the first hour of the program, there were 3. In the first hour of the program, there were 3. 000,000 requests on southaustralia.com – a strong indication that demand for the vouchers is high and South Australians want to support our state’s tourism sector,”There were 3 in the first hour of the program. There were 3,000,000 requests on southaustralia.com in the first hour of the program – a strong indication tha thaa. Allocations were distributed across the CBD and regional SA, as with our first round of vouchers.

“For regional and greater South Australia, a total of 26,536 vouchers were secured, while the CBD and North Adelaide were designated with 47,883 vouchers. “The other states and territories have completed their existing voucher schemes, with the Northern Territory scheduling its third round of vouchers for February and Canberra preparing to launch its program later this year.


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