Nicola Sturgeon says urgent negotiations on strict guidelines for overseas travel are underway


NICOLA Sturgeon said that urgent talks on stricter limits on international travel and border controls are ongoing.

The First Minister emphasized that traveling to or from Scotland without being for an urgent reason is against the law and indicated that more steps might be put in place.

This came as the SNP demanded the government of the United Kingdom should close the borders of the country to all non-essential travel.

At the Scottish government’s coronavirus briefing, Ms. Sturgeon spoke, “I had a four-nation discussion last night chaired by Michael Gove of the UK government, where the issue of the border, tighter restrictions on travel, including checks at the border, was discussed,” she said.

In that conversation, there was an agreement to put forward urgent four-nation discussions on this over the coming days,”There was an agreement in that conversation to take forward urgent four-nation discussions on this over the course of the coming days,”

“I think there has been some speculation from the British government about a possible announcement soon and we are part of those discussions.”

The First Minister said the U.K. is responsible for border controls. Policy, adding, “But there is what I hope is a willingness to work together on how we make those decisions.”

“She stressed that “at the moment, moving from Scotland or into Scotland without it being for an urgent reason is against the law.

“As of today, it is against the law to travel outside your own country unless it is for an essential purpose,” Ms. Sturgeon said.

Unless it is necessary, you should not go abroad, and you should not come to Scotland unless it is essential.

That’s different from real border physical checks – but that’s the legal situation.

“We have effectively said that travel is prohibited – and that is a message I want to get across very seriously.”

She said that foreign arrivals to Scotland were “a fraction” of previous years in December.

“repeating the same mistakes that the UK government has made in this crisis”repeating the same mistakes the UK government has made in this crisis.

She said, “In the spring, the British government acted far too slowly, allowing hundreds of thousands of international visitors to enter the country without taking effective action in the midst of a global pandemic. They seem to have learned nothing.”

“No one wants to restrict international travel, but it is a necessary part of mitigation against transmission,” he said.

The government of the United Kingdom needs to stop all non-essential travel and implement a much tighter regime of border health checks and quarantine.

This is a matter of urgency, and the Home Secretary needs to get a handle on the situation.

When, during the first wave of the pandemic, the SNP called for these measures, the United Kingdom government ignored our calls for several weeks before eventually making an about-face and enforcing an unsuccessful scheme for too short a period of time.

For the Home Secretary, it is time to listen and act with powers that remain reserved for Westminster.

“These initiatives have already been adopted by other countries in Europe and around the world, leaving the UK as an outlier.

“For people to have confidence in the UK government’s approach, it is vital that it introduces these long overdue measures and sets out how this will be part of a well thought out exit strategy.”


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