Nicola Sturgeon echoes UK plan to offer all adults Covid vaccine by September


NICOLA Sturgeon has echoed the UK Government’s plan to offer every adult their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine by September.

The First Minister said she is “broadly” of the same aspiration, but insisted the timing of the rollout depends on supplies. 

It comes after UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab outlined a “roadmap” for the vaccination programme while appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

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He said: “The plan is to get the first 15 million most vulnerable people vaccinated with the first dose by the middle of February.

“We then want to get, by early spring, another 17 million. 

“At that point we’ll have 99 per cent of those most at risk of dying of coronavirus administered their first jab, and then the entire adult population we want being offered a first jab by September. That’s the roadmap.”

Ms Sturgeon was asked about the September target during her regular coronavirus briefing. 

She was asked if this was a target Scotland could meet, and if it could be done sooner.

She said: “We would broadly be of the same aspiration there. Is it a target we can meet and could it be done sooner than that?

“That will depend on the supplies that we get, and that is true of the UK Government as well.”

She added: “We think that if all the supplies that we’re expecting come through, then I would be hopeful that we would be in a position of doing the whole adult population in that kind of timeline.”


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