Nick Kyrgios’ health: Signs and symptoms of how tennis pushed him to a “dark” place.


Nick Kyrgios’ health: Signs and symptoms of how tennis pushed him to a “dark” place.

Nick Kyrgios, an Australian tennis star, has bravely come up about his mental health, claiming it is “20 times worse” than champion Naomi Osaka’s.

In recent years, mental health awareness has grown in importance. Despite this, the 26-year-old pro has only competed in five events since March 2020, claiming he felt “outcast” by the tennis world when he spoke out about his own mental health before Japanese sensation Osaka. And with the US Open just getting started, Kyrgios is dealing with both physical and mental challenges.

The actor opened out about his conflicting sentiments about his career, adding that bigotry and vitriol from fans and commentators has taken its toll.

He told the MailOnline, “I’m just saying this sport might have driven me into a pit of darkness, which it did for a while, how mentally taxing it was at 18.”

“Being one of the most well-known players in Australia, getting totally hammered with the media,” he continued to offer some insight on his condition. It’s not that simple.”

To make matters worse, Kyrgios feels alone as a result of the support that four-time grand slam winner Osaka received for her TIME essay in which she openly disclosed her “long episodes of depression” and refusal to attend press conferences.

“I did go into realms where Naomi Osaka is now speaking about mental illness, when I was going through something 20 times worse in my perspective.

“All they get is positive press. Hateful messages aren’t genuinely sent to them. He said, “They don’t get enormously historic fines for hitting balls out of the ballpark or having a code violation.”

“If someone is not mentally as resilient as me, the amount of abuse, racism, and bullsh*t I received from the tour, from fans, from everything,” she says.

The tennis player who has earned a reputation as the sport’s “bad boy” believes that each player should be treated as an individual rather than compared to others.

He acknowledges that he has learned to deal with the strain at the age of 26, but he took to Instagram in March to share an emotional post in the hopes of inspiring others who may be struggling.

“I’ve been to places I’m not proud of, people telling me everything.”Brinkwire Summary News” read the caption.


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