Nick Hewer’s health: The former Apprentice contestant is just an “inch” away from experiencing stroke symptoms.


Nick Hewer’s health: The former Apprentice contestant is just an “inch away” from experiencing stroke symptoms.

Last year, NICK HEWER announced his departure from television.

The former Countdown host also worked as an aide to Alan Sugar on The Apprentice, leaving in 2014 when he felt it was “appropriate time.”

Away from the screen, however, the star had a health scare after reporting that his “eyes went weird.”

Where did the celebrity go?

After appearing on BBC’s The Apprentice, the former public relations businessman, who worked closely with Sir Alan Sugar, decided to pursue a career in television.

Since then, the actor has hosted a number of documentaries as well as a regular spot on Channel 4’s Countdown, which he left on June 25 of last year.

However, the star had a terrifying health scare while doing charity work in Africa, which left him an “inch away” from having a stroke.

The 77-year-old reflected on his ten-year ordeal.

“I was in Rwanda filming for a children’s charity and my eyesight was a little strange,” he explained.

“I was sitting in my hotel room, squinting at my laptop, when my vision began to blur.

A blood vessel behind my retina had burst, unbeknownst to me.”

According to John Hopkins Medicine, when the vessels carrying blood to the retina of your eye become blocked, it can be so severe that people risk losing their vision completely.

The condition, medically known as central retinal artery occlusion, can develop very quickly and is usually caused by a blockage caused by a cholesterol deposit or a blood clot.

Nick rushed to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London after learning the severity of his condition, where he received more sobering news about his health.

“I went straight to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, where it was confirmed that I was an inch away from having a stroke, and that instead of bursting in the brain, a blood vessel had popped behind my right eye’s retina.”

“They said it was a close call and that if it hadn’t been detected, it would have gone straight into the brain.”

“I happened to be in the right place at the right time, and I’ve been on hypertension medication ever since.”

The presenter credits his survival to quitting smoking nearly two decades ago, a bad habit that saw him smoke 20 cigarettes per day.

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