Nettle health benefits: A plant drink recommended by pharmacists decreases blood sugar and blood pressure.


Nettle health benefits: A plant drink recommended by pharmacists decreases blood sugar and blood pressure.

PHARMACIST Roy Lamb, co-founder of Nasslor Health Drinks, spoke to This website exclusively about the health advantages of one of the most common weeds in the UK.

Roy Lamb described stinging nettles as “very extraordinary.” The nutrient-dense plant, which is high in omega-3, vital amino acids, vitamin A, calcium, and fiber, can help people live longer. Its omega-3 content, which “plays a critical role in cholesterol control,” is comparable to spinach. Nettles also contain “almost the same amount of amino acids as chicken,” making it a powerful muscle-builder.

Meanwhile, the vitamin A in the weed helps to maintain a healthy immune system and eyes, while calcium helps to maintain strong bones and teeth.

The fiber in nettle is beneficial for digestion, and the iron in it is claimed to help with energy and focus.

“An intriguing and surprising effect of nettle is that it can help lower blood sugar levels and keep them within a healthy range,” Lamb added.

Lamb outlined clinical evidence in favor of this theory, which included 46 type 2 diabetes individuals.

Over the course of three months, diabetic subjects were encouraged to take nettle supplements.

“What they discovered was that people who took the nettle supplement had much lower blood glucose levels,” Lamb explained. “Regardless of their diet, age, or level of physical activity.”

According to Lamb, this “important finding” could help nettle become an efficient diabetic medication.

In tiny dosages, nettles, he believes, could “assist the ordinary individual maintain a healthy blood sugar level.”

He went on to say, “This could lower the odds of having diabetes in the first place.”

Lamb then brought up another health benefit of nettles: they may aid in blood pressure control.

“One study, which looked at the effects of nettle on rats and rabbits, revealed that nettle extract helped normal and hypertensive (high blood pressure) animals lower their blood pressure,” he explained.

“Regularly consuming smaller amounts of nettle could aid in the healthy maintenance of blood pressure and the prevention of heart problems.”

You may want to rejoice with the next piece of evidence Lamb gives if you suffer from hay fever.

Lamb continued, “Studies have demonstrated that nettles have various bioactive chemicals that contribute to anti-inflammatory benefits in the human body.” “In particular, those linked to seasonal allergens like hay fever.”

“They limit the inflammatory reaction to pollen that causes hay fever,” according to Brinkwire Summary News.


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