Nadiya Hussain: The actress admits she hasn’t told her parents about her health problems.


Nadiya Hussain: The actress admits she hasn’t told her parents about her health problems.

When NADIYA Hussain, 36, won the sixth series of BBC’s The Great British Bake Off in 2015, she captivated the nation. Since then, the chef has embarked on a number of successful initiatives. Despite her meteoric rise to fame, Nadiya has struggled with mental health concerns in the past. The Bake Off star acknowledged in an interview earlier this year that she has kept her troubles from her parents.

Nadiya Hussain appears to be a superhuman. The mother of three has worked as a columnist, author, and TV host since winning The Great British Bake Off. Nadiya is at the top of her game, but she didn’t get there easily.

Nadiya Hussain has been outspoken about her mental health issues in the past, telling her tale in a BBC documentary.

Despite making her troubles public, the celebrity chef has not told her parents about them, she confessed in That Gaby Roslin Podcast.

“Even now, I have never honestly spoken about my mental health to my parents,” Nadiya stated.

“They’ve seen the documentary and are aware that I have mental health concerns, but we’ve never discussed it.”

“There is no name for mental health illness within our community,” she continued. There are many various terms used to describe mental health issues/illness, such as ‘She’s gone insane,’ ‘They’ve been possessed,’ or ‘They’re on drugs.’ There is no true word to describe mental health issues/illness.” On her website Nadiya, Nadiya, she revealed: “For almost 20 years, I suffered from panic disorder, and he was the one who saw the worst of it, the lowest of the low.” He was the one who kept me going when I was determined to fail.

“So I entered Bake Off because he was correct,” says the contestant. I’d been engrossed in life’s craziness. I was everything: a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother, but I couldn’t seem to find myself.” Nadiya revealed in the essay that Bake Off helped her confront many of her issues.

“With everything packed and set to shoot my debut episode, it turned into a day of many firsts for me.” First time alone in a taxi, first time alone on a train, first time alone on the subway, first time without my husband, first time without my kids.

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