My ‘healthy’ wife died as I laid next to her, and my daughter noticed as I was making a cup of tea.


WHEN Karl Lansley’s wife died in her sleep as she slept beside him, aged only 36, his loss was so overwhelming, that at first he thought he’d never be able to move on.

Karl had been making a cup of tea for wife Carli when his daughter realised her mum wasn’t moving.

The 50-year-old father-of-two from Leigh-on-Sea, Essex was married for 13 years to late wife Carli, mother of their children Jessica and Ethan.

Karl says: “Carli and I met in 1998. Her sister was dating my best friend, and we realised they were trying to set us up together! But at first I thought she was much too young for me.

“For the next year, the four of us would go out as friends but nothing more.

“Finally, we started dating, and although her sister and my best friend split up, Carli and me realised we’d found our soulmate in each other.

“She was quite reserved. But she was also kind and thoughtful, and had a way that drew people towards her. Together we liked doing ordinary things – going for walks, going to the beach. Everything was just much better when she was there to share it with.”

When they met, Karl worked for a bank and Carli worked in Superdrug.

The couple moved in together in 2000, and married in 2004.

After their children arrived, Carli stopped working full-time and got a new job part-time as a hospital typist.

She’d always seemed perfectly healthy until she passed away, some time during the night of May 31, 2017.

Karl says: “The evening before she died, was pretty much like any other. We were together at home doing ordinary things, playing with the kids, having dinner and watching the TV, and then she went up to bed.

“Her last words to me were: “I’m off to sleep. Night night, love you.”

“Next morning, I got up at 6am as I always did, got myself ready for work, and started making Carli a cup of tea at 7am. But while the kettle was still on, Jessica came downstairs and told me: “Mum isn’t moving.”

“I thought my wife must just be in a very deep sleep, so went to wake her up. She was lying curled up on her side and looked normal and peaceful. But then I realised with a dreadful shock – she wasn’t breathing.

“In a panic, I sent the children to knock for our next door neighbour, while I dialled 999. The emergency operator was trying to tell me how to give my wife CPR, but I just couldn’t take in what they were saying.

“My neighbour took the receiver and gave… Brinkwire Brief News.


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