Mum-of-four reveals how she got a £47 Morrisons food shop for £6 – the “greatest bargain”


Mum-of-four reveals how she got a £47 Morrisons food shop for £6 – the “greatest bargain”

BUYING nutritious goods on a budget might be difficult, but one resourceful mother of four has proven that it is doable after scoring 13 punnets of fruit in her recent Too Good To Go haul.

Shelly, a mother of four, recently spoke with about her enormous food haul and money-saving ideas. The wise shopper managed to pick up nutritious supplies while shopping on a budget by using the Too Good To Go app, which helps stores reduce food waste.

“I used the Too Good To Go app to pick up two Morrisons boxes and I’m quite impressed,” she stated. Don’t worry, nothing will go to waste since I’ll give anything I don’t utilize to my pals.

“I bought the boxes via the app for £3.09 each, therefore I paid £6.18 for 30 bags of fruit and vegetables and only paid 20p each item.”

The astute shopper stated that she got 13 punnets of strawberries out of the deal.

Shelly went on to say that it was the “greatest bargain” of the entire food haul.

“The total price would have been £21.50 with the in-store offers,” she explained.

However, I only had to pay £2.60 out of my £6.18 for these, saving me £18.90!

“That would have been fantastic value in and of itself, but the deals didn’t end there. I also received two large sacks of pears for 40p each, which would have cost £1.49 if purchased separately. That means I purchased over 2kg of pears for around 50p and saved £2.58.”

Grapes, plums, blueberries, lemons, and cucumbers were among the other treats in the box.

“Aside from the cucumber, there were some other veggies in the boxes – I got two heads of cauliflower for 40p instead of £1.90, a savings of £1.50, and two darling cabbages for 40p instead of £1.18, a savings of 78p,” Shelly continued.

“I calculated that if I had paid full price, the total worth of this supermarket haul would have been £47.05. However, I saved nearly £40 because I only spent £6.18.”

She was able to freeze a lot of the groceries to help them last longer, according to the working mother of four.

Too Good To Pass Up Goodies are usually reaching their sell-by date, which means supermarkets can no longer sell them or they haven’t been sold yet.

“With the Too Good To Go app, it’s just a case.”Brinkwire Summary News”, Shelly added.


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