Mourners urged not to turn up to funerals that are already at Covid capacity


MOURNERS have been urged not to turn up to funerals that are already at pandemic capacity.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said a maximum of 20 people are currently allowed to attend funeral services. 

But she said the Scottish Government has received reports of services where this limit has been breached. 

She pleaded with mourners not to simply turn up as this places the organisers in a “terrible position” and risks spreading the virus.

Ms Freeman made the comments during the Scottish Government’s coronavirus update. 

She said the funeral rules “are among the most difficult that we’ve had to put in place, and I know that they cause distress to people who are already grieving”. 

She added: “But the restrictions are vital, and any gathering creates a risk that the virus will be transmitted. 

“And unfortunately, that risk is even greater when it comes to funerals, where inevitably and understandably at such an emotional event, people are likely to want to hug and hold each other or simply to be in close proximity to each other.

“We are currently receiving reports about funeral services where more than 20 people are in attendance.

“And so I want remind people that that limit of 20 is still in place, and that unfortunately it is there for a really good reason. 

“So please, if you are arranging a funeral, think about the restrictions when you are sending out invitations and when you’re telling people about the event on social media.

“If you would like to go to a funeral service but cannot go because of the 20-person limit, then please respect that fact. 

“Maybe find out if it’s possible to see the service by other means, such as a live stream, and check with the person organising it about the other ways in which you can pay your respects. 

“But please don’t simply turn up. This places the organisers in a terrible position. 

“And it also of course increases the risk that the virus will spread as a result of the event, and I know that you don’t want that.”

Ms Freeman said more information is available on the Scottish Government’s website.


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