Morrisons announces big product changes as part of a massive green initiative.


Morrisons announces big product changes as part of a massive green initiative.

In an effort to reduce plastic use and carbon dioxide emissions, MORRISONS is bringing back glass milk bottles.

As part of its effort to eliminate plastic and bring back traditional packaging, Morrisons is launching a glass milk bottle trial. The glass milk bottles cost 90p and can be used for up to ten years.

They may be found in seven trial stores across Kent and four in Sheffield. Local dairy farmers deliver them directly to Morrisons supermarkets, and when they’re returned, they’re collected, sanitized, and reused.

The switch to conventional glass milk bottles is estimated to save 40,000 plastic bottles from these Morrisons stores each year, as well as cut CO2 emissions because milk is delivered from local suppliers.

“We aim to help our customers live their lives with less plastic,” said Morrisons Packaging Manager Natasha Cook.

“Reusing glass milk bottles is a simple leap for many people since they remember how milk used to be delivered to their home. We’re in talks with other local dairies and hope to be able to introduce glass milk bottles across the country soon.”

“Milk is a prime example of a commodity that may and should be switched from single-use plastic bottles to earth friendly reusable bottles,” said Steve Hynd, Policy Manager for environmental organization City to Seam.

“It’s fantastic to see Morrisons lead the way in delivering milk in reusable bottles to supermarkets. We know this is a popular idea, as three out of four people say they want additional refill options in stores to help reduce plastic pollution.


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