Minho of SHINee has announced the ‘BEST CHOI’s MINHO 2021’ online and offline solo fan meet.


Minho of SHINee has announced the ‘BEST CHOI’s MINHO 2021’ online and offline solo fan meet.

Choi Minho will meet fans sans other SHINee members at an offline and online event in December for the first time since enlistment.

There isn’t much the group can do in terms of group activities now that Maknae and Taemin of SHINee are in the military. Choi Minho, one of the members, is making the most of his free time before the final member returns from the military next year. With his most recent album, ‘Bad Love,’ as well as his online concert and several variety show performances, Key of SHINee is fully committed to his solo music career.

Meanwhile, Onew, the group’s leader, is concentrating on his variety show career, having debuted as a regular cast member of the variety show ‘Sea of Hope,’ in which celebrities cook and sing for the audience. In September of 2021, he joined the cast of the variety show ‘March of the Ants Chapter 5’. Minho, on the other hand, is pursuing several acting roles in order to develop his solo acting career. The idol has announced his solo concert to greet fans before he gets engaged with these duties.

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Minho of SHINee takes the lead in the Netflix series ‘Fabulous,’ which focuses on fashion.

Minho of SHINee makes a comeback as an actor in the horror film ‘Goosebumps.’

‘BEST CHOI’s MINHO 2021’ has been announced by Minho.

With K-pop idols organizing fan meet-ups in recent weeks, fans of the genre are finally feeling the effects of the pandemic. Covid-19 appeared to have put an end to many K-pop-related events, but with the industry gearing up for more in-person engagements with fans, online activities that benefited international K-pop fans will not be put on pause. Minho’s management, SM Entertainment, revealed on November 24 that the idol will hold an in-person fanmeet event in December.

Not only that, but overseas fans will be able to attend the event online at the same time if they have legitimate tickets. On December 21, Minho will meet fans at the ‘Grand Theater of Donghae Culture and Arts Center’ in Kwangwoon University, Seoul, South Korea, for his first solo fanmeet named ‘BEST CHOI’s MINHO 2021.’ The event’s tickets will be available for purchase beginning November 29 and will be limited to SHINee’s fan club members.

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On 1221, MINHO will hold his first solo fan meeting, “CHOI MINHO FAN PARTY ‘BEST CHOI’s MINHO 2021’!”

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